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Small Animal Veterinary Hospital servicing Payneham:
Vaccination, Desexing, Microchiping in Payneham, South Australia, WA

Payneham Vet Centre is an established vet clinic staffed by experienced vets servicing the Payneham region. We see all kinds of cats, dogs and even rabbits, rats and reptiles! We have veterinarians on staff with years of experience in cats, dogs, rabbits and all types of exotic pets.

So if it's merely a check up, vaccinations, desexing or more serious surgery in Payneham, the friendly staff at Payneham Vet Centre are there to help.

We are your friendly local vets.

Vaccinations in Payneham.

Vaccinations are an important part of any good pet health plan. Whether it's an initial puppy course of vaccinations, or ongoing yearly health checks and vaccinations as needed, the friendly team at Payneham Vet Centre are there to help with all your pets vaccination needs.

We always utilize to most up to date vaccination protocols, be it for puppy vaccinations, kitten vaccinations, adult cat and dog vaccines and also rabbit vaccinations.

Puppy and Kitten Vaccinations in Payneham

Puppy vaccination

Young unvaccinated puppies should receive a 3-injection course of vaccines.

Our protocol for young puppies start with a C3 vaccine (Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus) at 6-8 weeks of age.

This is followed by a C5 vaccine (C3 + bordetella/parainfluenza) at 12 weeks of age and a final C4 vaccination (C3 + bordetella) at 16 weeks of age.

Kitten vaccination

Like puppies, young kittens need an initial course of vaccinations to attain a protective level of immunity against certain contagious diseases.

They should get a F3 vaccine (Feline herpesvirus, calicivirus and panleukopaenia) at 6-8 weeks of age.

This is followed up by a F5 vaccination (F3 + Feline leukaemia + chlamydia) at 12 weeks of age, and a final F5 vaccination at 16 weeks of age.

Booster Vaccinations in Payneham

Yearly vaccinations versus 3 yearly vaccination

Following your puppy or kittens 16 week vaccinations, we recommend a follow-up yearly booster vaccination at their first annual health check, usually a C5 vaccination for the dogs and an F5 vaccine for cats.

In the years following this, we now have 3 yearly C3 vaccines available for dogs, and if needed, will continue the Canine cough vaccinations (Bordetella and parainfluenza) yearly.

With the adult cats, we recommend, initially yearly booster vaccinations of F5 vaccine, however this will generally be dependant on your cats lifestyle and environment they are kept in. Your friendly local vets at Payneham Vet Centre will always make sure, in consultation with you the owners, that the best protocol is selected.

Heartworm in dogs in Payneham

Heartworm is another disease that should be included in all prevention plans for dogs. It is an endemic disease present in South Australia, which is transferred between dogs by mosquitoes. It can occur in cats, however at a much lower rate than with dogs.

It is easily prevented either via yearly prohart injections, or via monthly tablets or spot ons, that are all available at Payneham Vet Centre to protect the pets of Payneham.

Please contact your friendly local vets at Payneham Vet Centre for any information on heartworm and heartworm prevention in dogs.

Desexing and Sterilizations in Payneham

Being a modern veterinary hospital Payneham Vet Centre vets are able to offer safe and affordable desexing services for all the dogs and cats of Payneham.

If you are not planning to breed from your pets, we recommend that both cats and dogs are sterilized before their first 'season', generally around 6 months of age.

All our desexing surgeries are done as same day procedures, so your pets are able to go home the same day.

So for any information on desexings or to book your pets in for surgery, please contact our friendly staff at Payneham Vet Centre, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Rabbit and exotic pets in Payneham

Payneham Vet Centre as your local vet, are able to offer expert veterinary services in all aspects of rabbit, bird and exotic medicine. This includes consults, vaccinations, anaesthesia, sterilizations , dentals and helpful husbandary advise. We have vets on staff with many years experience in treating and caring for exotic pets.

Dentals for cats and dogs in Payneham

Your local vets at Payneham Vet Centre are able to offer very high standard dental treatments for all the dogs, cats and rabbits of Payneham. We utilize state of the art anaesthesia, pain relief and dental radiology to assess all your pets dental health, and will formulate a dental health plan best suited to your pets and yourself. We have vets on staff, highly experienced in rabbit dentistry and have all the specialist equipment to make your pets dental visit as enjoyable as possible.

Microchipping in Payneham

Lost pets are never happy pets, and owners of lost pets are never happy owners!

Microchipping your cats and dogs (and even rabbits and birds!), is the cheapest and safest way to guarantee that if they are every lost, they will find their way home as quickly as possible from the wilds of Payneham!

Microchipping consists of a simple one off needle. Those microchips details are then stored on a central database, so when scanned the details of ownership and home address is instantly available.

Please contact our friendly staff, at your local vets, Payneham Vet Centre, for any further information on microchipping your pets.

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